2014 resolutions

Happy new year!

I am one of those people who LOVES anything to do with new beginnings, fresh starts, and setting up goals to achieve. Now, the actual achievement of those goals is a whole different thing…but never mind that now.

It’s definitely a cliche for bloggers to post their new year’s resolutions, but who cares? This is my blog and I want to have my resolutions on the internet for all to see (or rather, all 15 of my followers, lol).

So, here goes!

1. Stop picking my face. Last year, my main goal was to stop biting my nails, which I actually achieved (HUZZAH!). However, ever the addict, I seem to have substituted biting my nails for picking at my skin, which has resulted in red bumps, pimples, and dry, irritated skin. So, this year, hands OFF!

2. Stop online shopping. This resolution goes hand in hand with a whole new budgeting and money-saving system I am going to try to stick to, but I specifically want to stop all of my online purchasing. It is just too easy to click “Proceed to checkout”!

3. Let go of old grudges/unhappiness. You know the old saying, “Hating someone is like swallowing poison and hoping it will kill the other person”? It’s time to let go of those things that only continue to make me unhappy.

4. Stick to yoga. I started doing yoga more seriously last year when I got a good deal to a yoga studio in the late spring, and, as cliche as this sounds, it really was one of the best things I did for myself. When my subscription ended, I was jobless and couldn’t afford to keep going, and then, once I got my new job, I became too busy to go. This year, however, I want to join a studio close to work so there are no excuses not to go, and, on a smaller scale, achieve my life-long dream of  *finally* being able to do the splits!

5. Take more pictures and learn the ins and outs of my new camera! And, of course, blog more 🙂

That’s what I got so far. I’d love to hear, what are your new year’s resolutions?



3 responses to “2014 resolutions”

  1. I like your resolutions 🙂 Let's add getting together more for coffee or drinks to it!


  2. Me too! – Courtney ❤


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