hewlett gulch

Wanna go on a hike? Let’s go!

Today’s trail is Hewlett Gulch, to the northwest of Fort Collins.

Make sure to bring some water and snacks, and to tell someone where you are going (you don’t want this happening, do you?)

Be warned: you may come upon a beast or two…

But don’t worry. The local fauna are not too aggressive.

Make sure to keep hydrated.

And, of course, stop and take photos of flowers so *someone* can identify them at home (cough, NERD, cough).

Bring a friend (or two)!

If it gets too hot, stop and have a little splash in the creek.

Admire the scenery.

Well done! You did it! Now head on home (remember to leave no trace!)…

…and be sure to reward yourself. That was a long hike!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!


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