a sunday at the park

Hey guys, I’ve got a random little post today, but so what?

I took these a couple of weekends ago, before little baby Max was born. It was one of those weekends where the weather was nice, but I was just as happy to curl up on the couch and watch Downton Abbey read a book all afternoon.

But then I saw this guy’s face…
So to the park we went, and we made it just before a spring rainshower. (p.s. look at Adrienne’s belly!^^)

Also, I really should think about changing my blog name from ‘Lately Lena’ to ‘Lately Tobias’ since he features so much on it…but just LOOK at that face!! 

Kisses for their first baby ❤

Ironically enough, all Mr. T wanted to do once we got to the park was sit…on Conrad.

Oh pets…what would we do without them?

Chins up, kids, tomorrow’s Friday! We’ve got Conrad’s younger brother Chase in town, and a play that my sister directed to attend, so this weekend will surely be a busy one (and my camera shall be dutifully strapped to my body for the entirety of it, I promise!).

Hope you all have a great end-to-the-week!


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