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{frozen berries + white wine on a hot afternoon}

How is it already Thursday? This week has been flying by, in the best of ways. Yesterday we said goodbye to Chase, C’s brother, who stayed with us last week as he is already on summer break and wanted to come meet his new nephew. During his visit, he introduced me to House of Cards, and let’s just say, it is ON. Weekend marathon beginning in 3-2-1! It’s supposed to be warm, but cloudy/rainy this weekend, so in other words, perfect conditions for lounging around indoors☺

{happy hour desserts in action}
 {a sleepy Tobert – he has such a rough life, guys}

 {white bean and beef shank stew, bubbling away}

{C’s pride and joy}

 {bronzed skin and orange lipbalm}
{some pink tulips to brighten up our place}
Hope everyone’s week is going well!


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