weekend treats


Sunday is without a doubt the most depressing day of the week.

I usually have two ways of dealing with it:
a) Mope around the house like a lump, complain about the upcoming week, maybe pausing here and there for a long nap or the occasional cookie….
b) Make it special by either getting outside, treating myself to a pamper day, or going for a really cozy, delicious dinner. 

Can you guess what we did yesterday?

A mix of Swiss, Dutch, and US cheeses, salami, apricots, and radishes, chicken liver pâté (not pictured) together with a fresh baguette and a glass of red – all in conjunction with the Season 4 finale of Downton Abbey.

In my opinion, the perfect way to end the weekend!

What do you do to make Sunday better?


4 responses to “weekend treats”

  1. Oh, nothing better than curling up with a good movie on a Sunday! By the way, just checked out your blog and I love your style! Are you living in BKK now, or Manchester?


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