graduation weekend

Hi friends!

Last week marked Grad Week at CSU, and a whole bunch of our friends graduated! I love Fort Collins, but living in a college town does have its downsides, as every couple of years we have to say goodbye to dear friends leaving school. The only saving grace of this sad fact is that we get to attend a myriad of parties celebrating our accomplished pals, and last weekend was full of them!

Bright and early Saturday morning, Conrad and I got gussied up and made our way to party no.1, Eli’s graduation fête!

Eli is a first-generation graduate from Colorado State University. He and Conrad worked together at the Environmental Learning Center (ELC), back when Conrad was in school, and have remained close since.

The party was awesome, featuring such favors as a roasting ham on a spit,

…watermelon and chocolate-covered strawberries galore,

…kiddos splashing around,

…wine + flowers,

…and fabulous graduation gifts! (Not from us, obvs)

At one point, we all gathered around Eli for a (civilized) group photo…

…but not before we confetti-bombed him!

Congratulations, Eli! Can’t wait to see the amazing things you will do in the world!


3 responses to “graduation weekend”

  1. It looks like so much fun!! xx Rena Kiss and Make Up


  2. Thanks Rena! It was – that ham was soooo good omg.


  3. Ahh what a lovely day! i have been planning a little end of year 2 party, if i pass, BBQ sounds like a plan xx


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