friday favorites


The official best day of the week is upon us yet again, and today is even better than most Fridays because of the three-day weekend! I’m starting the weekend with a quick round-up of all of my favorite things this week.<

Favorite trend:

Favorite memorial day picnic dessert:

Favorite drink:

Favorite Pinterest board:

Favorite DIY:

Favorite laugh:
I never tire of seeing celebrities read mean tweets about themselves!

Have a great (long) weekend!


4 responses to “friday favorites”

  1. I love this post! Birks are my current favourite trend too x

    Josie’s Journal


  2. i love that video! makes me laugh so much

    from helen at

    ps. take a peek at my £250+ beauty giveaway, if you fancy! click here.


  3. Thanks Josie! I've been looking for the white ones in my size EVERYWHERE but no luck 😦


  4. Thanks Helen, I love it too! Definitely checking out your giveaway!


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