happy hour at jax

If Friday is my favorite day, then happy hour is BY FAR my favorite time of day!

Last week Laura, Aisha and I decided to meet at Jax Fish House for after-work drinks, seafood, and some much-needed girl talk.

Laura started with the Graprfruit Ginger Sling, which I think is my favorite drink on their HH menu. It’s fresh, slightly spicy, and not too sweet – the perfect drink for sipping outside on a warm afternoon.

I branched out from my usual choices (Grapefruit Sling or Chardonnay) and got the Cucumber Lemon Press, made with cucumber vodka, lemonade, and sparkling water.

Good, but not my favorite. Aisha went classic and got a glass of white wine.

And now the important part: the food!

In addition to fabulous drinks, Jax has amazing food. Unfortunately, on our measly student/entry-level job budgets, we can’t exactly afford to eat there as often as we’d like, but luckily their HH menu is both affordable and delicious! We got a combination of oysters, mussels with white wine and garlic, hushpuppies (fried balls of deliciousness cornmeal batter), and truffle fries.

Happy girls!

After we got our seafood fill, we strolled around Old Town doing a bit of window shopping when the nice weather pooped out on us and we were literally trapped in between two buildings with hail and massive raindrops beating furiously down around us.

Naturally, I took out my camera (because why not expose it to the threat of rain and ice?).

After waiting a good ten to fifteen minutes, we realized the rain was not going to stop anytime soon and Laura and I sprinted the two blocks to her car, where our clothes became completely soaked through. I have never craved being in my (warm, dry) pajamas more, and they were thrown on almost as soon as I walked through the door!

But what’s a little rain compared to good food and better friends?

Thanks for the fun afternoon girls!


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