drake road farmer’s market

I love farmer’s markets (honestly, who doesn’t? Free samples are pretty much my idea of heaven), but, embarrassingly, have never been to one in Fort Collins!

Ridiculous, I know.

I attribute it to the fact that in grad school I was almost always up late on Friday nights (usually writing a paper, no fun stuff), so could not even fathom the idea of being dressed and washed and shopping-ready by 11 am on a Saturday. Now that I am old older, however, and my Friday nights consist of a glass of wine, a House of Cards episode, and snoring lightly on the couch with my dog (also my idea of heaven), exciting things like farmer’s markets and 9:00 am yoga classes are suddenly possible!

Last weekend, C and I got our butts out of bed and met his sister, Adrienne, her husband Keith, and little Maxwell for a stroll around the Drake Road farmer’s market.

Just look at that little face!!!^^

The weather was overcast, but temperature was pleasant so it wasn’t so bad.

We got to sample a variety of Colorado treats, including yogurt (Noosa -if you haven’t tried it, you absolutely MUST), salsa, honey, peanut butter, mustard, jewelry, beauty products, veggies, baked goods and more!

These guys were so cute! I want a baby alpaca now (hint, hint, Conrad).

Having had our fill – we left with some rosemary, tomato, jalapeno, and coriander plants – I asked Conrad to make one last critical stop before making our way home…

Frozen yogurt!  In my opinion, one of the best ways to end the day.

Hope you all had a wonderful, restful weekend.


6 responses to “drake road farmer’s market”

  1. Am glad you had a good time! Hope you don't mind if I link this !


  2. Not at all! Thanks for reading!


  3. Farmer's markets are the best. It's so cool to see how the whole farming community is so connected, and you end up recognizing faces after a few visits–farmers and customers alike. 🙂


  4. Love the pics! I also want an alpaca:) xoxo -Adrienne


  5. Max's new best friend! And Hayley's, too 🙂


  6. I know, I just love them. I definitely need to make an effort to go more regularly. Weekend activity, check!


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