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Happy Friday!

My plans for this weekend include Swedish Midsummer festivities, margaritas in the sun, time in the mountains, starting season 2 of OITNB (see below), and planning imaginary vacations that will most likely not happen. What are you up to this weekend? Read more for this week’s favorites!

Favorite weekend event:

Favorite ‘new’ show:

{ok, more like ‘new to me’. But OMG Orange is the New Black is awesome!}

Favorite hair tutorial:

{via Green Wedding Shoes}

Favorite Swedish dessert (making this Saturday for Midsummer!):

{via Top With Cinnamon}

Favorite DIY:

{Easy DIY Kimono via Merrick’s Art}

Favorite packing/trip inspiration:

{via Camille Styles}

Favorite Friend:

{jk Ross is the WORST}

What were your favorites this week? Feel free to link up below in the comments.

Have a great weekend, everyone!



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