Month: July 2014


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Hey guys! Sorry for being quiet this week. I was at a work conference for half the week, and have spent every evening either face-planting into bed or squeezing in QT with my family (they leave next Tuesday, sniff).  C and I have been on opposite schedules all week, and we finally made time for dinner together last night. The plan was to go out, but thanks to an all-day rain storm we ended up […]

friday favorites

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It’s that time of the week again!! Without a doubt, July has been the busiest month this year, and it doesn’t look like things will be slowing down any time soon. With both my parents and C’s mom in town, we have a bunch of fun family activities planned, including finally seeing The Fault In Our Stars this weekend with my mom (don’t worry – I’ve got tissues at the ready), going hiking with my dad, […]

michigan, part four

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After a whirlwind of a wedding, the weekend was finally coming to an end. With heavy hearts we said our good byes, thanking everyone for the amazing time, and promising to keep in touch. Don’t worry Maeve, he’ll be back! Once home, we decided to take a spin on the lake to soak up every last inch of Michigan possible before leaving for Colorado.  The clouds threatened above, but the Marshall’s assured me that the […]

michigan, part three

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When we last left off, Conrad and I had decided to stay in Grand Rapids that evening. With only the clothes on me, I awoke with an absolutely horrendous sunburn – we’re talking bright red, uneven splotches all over my chest and torso, with one especially awkward patch under my armpit (HOW, I ask???). Of course, of the two dresses I’d brought to decide between, one was strappy, and one strapless. Needless to say, they […]

michigan, part two

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Rehearsal dinner time! After the awesome day at the beach, we returned home only to realize that we had accidentally missed the wedding rehearsal. Conrad was scheduled to play guitar during the ceremony, and due to a mix-up, never got the notice to arrive early for the actual rehearsal. After about 20 missed calls from David (so sorry, again!), we showered and rushed to Grand Rapids. Luckily, Conrad’s a professional improviser (hehe) so he was […]

michigan, part one

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beach / C / holiday / lake / love / michigan / summer / wedding / weekend

Last (last) week, C and I headed to his homeland of  West Michigan for a little R&R, a wedding, and a mini escape from Colorado. We arrived on Thursday evening, and made non-negotiable plans to spend Friday at the beach. But first, ice cream! {just kidding, we actually got these cones on our way home, but I just love these pictures ☺ } C’s lovely mom, Cathy, happily joined us for a lay-in on the […]

friday favorites

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Happy Friday!! How are you guys doing today? This week has flown by, but I’m not any less exhausted. Travelling really takes it out of you! This weekend I hope to go through all my photos and line up a few posts for you guys next week. Other plans include sleeping in late, maaaaybe going to the gym (just maybe), catching up on PLL (new favorite bad tv show), and spending time with my family […]