suehiro with the sister

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Last Saturday, was one of those perfect summer days. I woke up, went to Pilates – where I proceeded to get my ass handed to me, panting next to 80-year-olds (I kid you not) who glided through the moves with total ease – and came home to a clean apartment and glorious sun. Not wanting to waste the day inside, something that I am fully capable of doing on weekend days, I called my sister, Margot, to see if she was interested in grabbing lunch in Old Town. She didn’t have work until that afternoon, so happily agreed and we met at one of my favorite Old Town sushi joints, Suehiro.

Isn’t Old Town Fort Collins a beauty? The sun was out, the flowers in bloom, and families milled around about us, window-shopping with their kids licking dripping ice cream cones in the heat.

We started with the classics – miso soup and salad.

Seriously, how cute is she?!

Below, my main:  the bento special with teriyaki salmon, egg rolls, and tuna, shrimp, and eel sushi, with seaweed salad.

…and Margot’s main: Tempura and chicken teriyaki bento. Being a purist, I usually go for ‘sushi only’ when I eat Japanese, but Suehiro has great lunch specials and today, the bento boxes were calling our names.

Ahhh, sun.


After lunch we meandered around the square, met up with C at his store, and heavily debated getting one of those drippy ice cream cones for ourselves….which we didn’t end up doing (and which I highly regret now!).

Thanks for the lovely lunch, sis!


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