summer essentials, two ways

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Every season, I pinpoint a few items from my closet as ‘essentials’, and basically structure every outfit around them. This summer, my essentials are denim cutoffs, a crisp button down shirt, a smart white blazer, and a slinky maxi dress. The tricky part is knowing how to transition from day to night without looking the same every day. Below, I’ve outlined eight ways to style my summer essentials, from casual to dressy.

denim cutoffs: summer essentials

For day (weekend day – I wouldn’t advise wearing cut-offs to work unless you work in a pretty casual/creative office), I usually pair my shorts with a striped tee, Chucks, and a large, roomy bag for any errands/shopping you need to do that day. Transition to night with a flirty, strappy top, dressy flats, and a spritz of fancy perfume to make you feel extra special. 
button down: summer essentials

A button-down is one of my favorite pieces to wear to work, as it looks cool and put-together, without looking too stuffy. Paired with white jeans (always a risk, but a worthy one), casual flats and a statement bag, you’re ready to go! For night, tuck that shirt into a clingy leather pencil skirt, pop on some metallic heels, and stash your stuff in a cool little clutch. Done!

the white blazer: summer essentials

A white blazer is so clean and summery, and paired with slouchy trousers and a breezy top makes for an awesome work outfit (especially when your office is freezing and you need that extra layer). Switch it up at night with a loose cami, some high-waisted shorts, and a nude heel for a sexy, minimalistic nightime outfit. 

maxi dress: summer essentials

Since I’m tall, maxi dresses are usually pretty hit or miss for me. Either they are too short or too long, and make me look a little deformed. However, a midi dress, hitting at mid-shin, is the perfect solution to this issue. Whether you go boho with a fringed kimono, Birks, and a floppy hat, or edgy with neon heels, a leather jacket, and minimal jewelry, owning a black midi dress really allows you to experiment with different looks.

What do you guys think? Would you wear any of the combos above? Let me know what your summer essentials are in the comments below!


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