the 4th of july

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Ok, so I really did mean to post this earlier today….but better late than never, right?!
As I mentioned, last week was the 4th of July and my sis, her roomies, and I decided to host a party for our friends and family. We held the party at their place since mine is a bit too small for a party, and the girls did an AMAZING job decorating!
Everyone dressed up à la ‘American’, and even Poppy was decked out in her finest…

{thank you Elena for the fab i-phone pics! I was a little too busy drinking socializing to take many photos, so am so grateful she did!}

A little while in, Adrienne and Keith brought over little Max Danger, who pretty much stole the show for a good hour and a half.

Gorgeous family!


As per usual, I was in charge of the food (not without amazing kitchen help from Laura).

Dishes included the classics (burgers, brats, hot dogs), and a variety of delicious sides such as red cabbage cilantro slaw, dijon baby new potato salad, crudites with dip, tomato bruschetta, popcorn, watermelon, brownies, and the most amazing cake I have ever made (keep scrolling to get a look).

Meanwhile, all around us, the patriotism was going strong!

Of course, due to a few too many of these…

{patriotic jello shots: delicious but dangerous!}

…things started to get a littttle hazy…

Lucky for us, Poppy was around to monitor any shenanigans that may have occurred.

 Hope you all had a safe and fun 4th of July!


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