michigan, part two

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Rehearsal dinner time!

After the awesome day at the beach, we returned home only to realize that we had accidentally missed the wedding rehearsal. Conrad was scheduled to play guitar during the ceremony, and due to a mix-up, never got the notice to arrive early for the actual rehearsal. After about 20 missed calls from David (so sorry, again!), we showered and rushed to Grand Rapids. Luckily, Conrad’s a professional improviser (hehe) so he was able to get set up and ready to play in mere minutes. Crisis averted! With a sigh of relief, the wedding party headed to Founder’s Brewery (where David works), for a night of beer, toasts, babies, and delicious food. 
{high-school friends!}
The sun had just begun to set in the sky, and a beautiful pink glow fell over the city that I couldn’t help but try to capture.
Cheesy couples-photo alert!

Nick and his lovely girlfriend Laurel flew in from DC, and I had a blast grilling them about how realistic ‘House of Cards’ really is, as Nick works on Capitol Hill. Apparently, it’s not at all realistic (a good thing I guess!?).

The groomsmen all wore these awesome tuxedo shirts, which for some reason reminded me so much of penguins.

(Tough, handsome, rugged penguins, of course )

{photo via Amanda’s instagram!}

Meanwhile, the bride + bridesmaids looked absolutely gorgeous.

We had an amazing spread of pulled pork and chicken sliders, cured meats, various cheeses, salad, hummus and pita chips, and more, which we enjoyed as a slide show of Katie and David’s childhood photos played on multiple screens.

They’ve known each other for over ten years! Isn’t that amazing?

Having not eaten anything since my soft-serve cone after the beach, I was famished and wolfed down most of my food before I had a chance to take a picture for you guys. I did capture the most important part, though…


 …and the aftermath.

 Little Maeve, David’s adorable niece, stole the show with her big blue eyes.

 She totally fell in love with Conrad…sorry Maeve, he’s taken!

The party continued until sundown, when everyone began to part ways to rest up for tomorrow. We were then invited to stay in Grand Rapids for the night instead of returning home to Muskegon (a good 45 minute drive), which was fine for Conrad since he had thought to bring all of his stuff (clothes, guitar…deodorant), while I had thought we’d go back to Muskegon to get ready. Instead of freaking out, however, we decided to go with the flow and stay the night, and have C’s parents bring my stuff down the next day.

Or, at least, that was what was supposed to happen…

Stay tuned for part 3!


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