michigan, part three

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When we last left off, Conrad and I had decided to stay in Grand Rapids that evening. With only the clothes on me, I awoke with an absolutely horrendous sunburn – we’re talking bright red, uneven splotches all over my chest and torso, with one especially awkward patch under my armpit (HOW, I ask???). Of course, of the two dresses I’d brought to decide between, one was strappy, and one strapless. Needless to say, they weren’t going to work.

Oh, and did I mention that they were back in Muskegon, along with my shoes, makeup, jewelry, bag, hair stuff, and everything else I’d brought for the wedding…where I didn’t know how to drive back to….with both mine and Conrad’s phones dead….?

Um, oops?

But never fear! Apparently when thrust into chaos, I am one to rely on! Just kidding, it really wasn’t that big a deal, but you know my flair for the dramatic  Also, there was an H&M nearby!

By 5 pm that afternoon, I’d bought a new outfit, squeezed into last night’s shoes (new ones, so they hurt), scoured the car floor for random make-up that had fallen under the seats, pulled my hair into an acceptable up-do, brushed my teeth with my finger, chugged a beer, and was ready to party!

Of course, as soon as the wedding started, I completely forgot about how I looked, and just enjoyed the ceremony.

Especially the music ^^

Now, to be fair, I haven’t been to a lot of weddings, but this was truly one of the most beautiful ones I’ve attended. To probably no one’s surprise, I cried in the middle of the vows, through the rings, and obviously during the first kiss. So much for worrying about make-up, right?

By the time we sat down for the reception, we were more than ready to party.

With all of this ‘outfit drama’, you’re probably wondering what I ended up wearing!

Now, DON’T TELL ANYONE, but this awesome jumpsuit is actually from…(and it really pains me to write this)…the Kardashian Kollection from Sears. I know, judge away. But I really liked the fit and it was a good deal, and I didn’t have to shave my legs, AND it hid all unsightly sunburn spots! Win, win, win, win. 
P.S. The black one is apparently sold out, but you can still get this fetching leopard print one
No? No takers? Well ok then. 

Once again, the food was amazing. We started with numerous cheese plates (just look at that oozing brie…), crusty breads, olive oil + balsamic vinegar for dipping, and a champagne toast for the newlyweds.

Once dinner began, I’m not sorry to say I forgot about my camera and just plain enjoyed myself. Thus, the following images have been piched here and there from fellow wedding attendees, since I was too busy dancing to the amazing band, sipping extra-dirty martinis from the open bar, and getting walked in on in the portable toilet, almost entirely naked (you try peeing in a jumpsuit!!).

An absolutely awesome night, if I do say so myself.

Coming tomorrow: our last day in Michigan 




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