new mexico, part one

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Our first day on the road was…interesting, to say the least!

We left for Walsenburg Thursday evening, and made it there by midnight. The next day, after a luxurious sleep in (well, I slept in. My parents were far more productive), we headed into town for a quick breakfast before continuing on the road.

^^nectar of the Gods, right there.

Without too much trouble, we found a diner, but our appetites were slightly thrown off by an unfortunate sight…

{trying not to CRACK up – geddit, geddit?}

…which we evilly decided to capture for you all…

…taaaa daaaa!

Bon appetit!

And yes, I’m pretty sure we’re going to hell now.

Anyway, on to more pleasant things!

Despite the view, the food was AWESOME.

Mom got a taco salad, and I opted for heuvos rancheros, which was smothered with the most delicious green chili I have ever eaten.

My dad got tamales, but by the time they arrived I was too involved in the food to pay much notice (you know me), although I did manage to steal a few bites and they were fabulous, too.

Soon, we were back on the road and headed to Taos!

Stay tuned for part two!


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