brunch at vern’s

Last Sunday, C and I met up with some friends for brunch at a northern Colorado institution, Vern’s Place.

A local landmark since the early 1940’s, Vern’s is one of those “must-try” places if you’re ever in the Fort Collins area.

They boast the best cinnamon rolls in town (read on for more about those rolls), but their real attraction is the…ahem, ‘rustic’ decor.

Feeling very well-protected by the surrounding creatures, we ordered some (wonderful) diner coffee. I’m not sure what it is about diner coffee, but it always tastes so, so good to me!

And, of course, we had to test one of those cinnamon rolls. ‘Best in Town’ is a mighty claim for a diner!

Ummm, yeah, they deserve the title. No offense to Silver Grill (who still win no contest when it comes to their cinnamon bun french toast – yes, you read that right), but these were amazing. Different from SG’s variety, but delicious. And that mound of white stuff? It’s butter. Not whipped cream, not ice-cream, but plain ol’ BUTTER. Yum.

I got a Western Omelette, with country potatoes. Cheesy, eggy, bacony, and all-around delicious (yes, I am aware that I just made up about 2/3 of those words).

C got the huevos rancheros with hash browns (also amazing), while Elena and Francesca shared a Country Breakfast (eggs, bacon, pancakes, potatoes), and Kristin got the breakfast burrito.

Happy girls!

Well hey there, little guy!

We practically rolled ourselves out, stuffed and happy. As I said, if you’re ever in northern CO, I highly recommend a visit to Vern’s! The food + the decor + the clientele all equal to a truly unique Colorado dining experience.

Thanks Vern’s! We’ll be back soon 


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