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{soaking up that summer sun…and yes, I’m wearing a bikini, in case you were wondering }

It’s official, guys. We’re heading into the end of summer, and I’m having mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, nooooooooooo (see photo above)! But on the other, last weekend was New West Fest (remember when I blogged about it last year?), and it was so unbearably hot that the thought of being able to wear a sweater while simultaneously drinking a cup of warm cocoa without bursting into flames sounded pretty amazing. The students are also coming back into town this week, and it’s definitely making me nostalgic for that ‘back-to-school’ feeling! Minus the school part, of course 

Read on to see what’s been happening lately!

{celebrating having Elena’s gorgeous sister, Francesca, in Fort Collins
 with margaritas and Diego!}

 {dog days of summer}

{still dreaming bout dem cinnamon rolls}

 {a little trip to the recording studio where  Pandas and People are working on a new song}
 {my boys}

 {a night catching up with friends}

{my brother’s new love}

Have a great week everybody!

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