peter and jenna’s wedding

As I mentioned, last week was Peter and Jenna’s wedding in Billings, MT. We happily made the trek through Wyoming, going through only one major storm on the way 

It was so bad, everyone was stopped on the side of the road, and I literally couldn’t see the hood of the car at one point (sooooo scary!). Once it passed, though, we were on the road again!

We made it in pretty good time, and spent the evening catching up with friends over a drink or two (or three or four, in my case). The next morning, I needed coffee. Badly.

Not feeling super creative and/or adventurous, we headed for the hotel’s diner, Bernie’s, which was very cute and quaint.

After a big breakfast and a strong cup of coffee, I felt a little better and more ready for the day. We headed upstairs to get ready and met up with more of C’s friends to make our way to the church. With seven adults in a small Chevy and no idea where to go, let’s just say the ride there was…interesting, to say the least!

Dylan took the opportunity to capture a few selfies, as one does…
Somehow we made it to the church in one piece, and only 20 minutes late (!!), but it was a beautiful service, and once it was over we were really ready to party!

The venue was stunning, in an old train depot in downtown Billings used mostly for events now. You can read more about it here, but honestly I think the photos just speak for themselves. 

After a delicious dinner of rosemary roasted potatoes, the freshest tomato and basil salad, perfectly poached salmon with dill sauce and more, it was time for the cake cutting! 

Followed by the first dance…

The bride looked so stunning, and the couple so in love and, of course, I couldn’t help but shed a few tears (you know me!).
Then, it was dancing time!

Followed, of course, with a couple more pieces of cake before heading back to our hotel. It was truly such a fun wedding, and so great to meet more of C’s friends, who are a hilarious and awesome bunch. 

Thanks so much to J+P for having us! We had an amazing time!!


2 responses to “peter and jenna’s wedding”

  1. Your photos are beautiful! And you are beautiful as well 🙂


  2. Lavinia, you are too sweet! So glad I found your amazing blog 🙂


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