{getting ready for a night out; a rarity these days!}

Hello September! This month started off with a bang (or rather, a tour) but has eased to a calm, relaxed pace where nothing sounds better than curling up with a good book, soaking in a bubble bath, and enjoying a favorite show’s new season with some comfort food. Later this month, I’ll be a bit busier but for now I am relishing the grey, rainy days and the inevitable slow-down after a hectic (yet amazing) summer. Going to bed at ten pm every night? Yes, please! 

{coziest corner of our bedroom – i love our heart organ pillow!}

{we have a tomato! eta: entirely thanks to conrad, i didn’t even realize we had a tomato plant}

 {evolution, darwin-style}

 {sundays + Chipotle Mexican Grill + The League}

 {happy puppy smiles}
{we also have a pepper! seriously, the perks of living with a green thumb}
{new nikes for 40% off . only problem is that I am too scared or dirtying them to wear them out! #fail}


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