winter is coming

Ok, so maybe it’s not winter quite yet…but fall definitely is here! This week’s weather has been a welcome change from the still heat of the last few months, and my wardrobe is seeing a definite shift from light, breezy pieces to polished, more structured elements.

My brother helped me scope out this fun wall near my apartment, which I think makes for a cool contrast to my more work-appropriate outfit; dark blue jeans, a slouchy black knit sweater, humongous scarf, and structured purse.

This fall, I plan to LIVE in these tan suede boots from Sam Edelman – so in love!

Hope you all have a good one!


2 responses to “winter is coming”

  1. Loving your shoes! And that background is super cool in these photos!


  2. That wall is pretty much the best backdrop ever. And the outfit is quite fancy dancy, too, of course. ^-^


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