friday favorites

Happy Friday, folks!

How’s everyone’s week been? Mine’s been great! I felt really productive and efficient, something I probably should attribute to the Vitamin b12 injection I got this week (my body doesn’t absorb b12 as well as it should naturally, so I was recently prescribed the injection, which gives you a high dose of the vitamin).

This weekend,  Conrad, my sister, and I are planning to drive to Pingree Park to see some of our friends working there and possibly take a hike in Rocky Mountain National Park (weather permitting). Apparently the leaves are already changing color up there, and I’m so excited to get some cool photos. What are you up to this weekend? Something fun, I hope 🙂

And now for this week’s favorites…

Favorite dream destination:

{this entire town in Morocco is painted blue!}

Favorite DIY bracelet:

{available on Etsy, but probably do-able by yourself if you’re so inlcined!}

Favorite wedding feature:

{fourteen simple but chic City Hall weddings to melt your heart}

Favorite weekend activity:

 Favorite video:

Favorite artist:

{totally mesmerized by photographer Emily Blincoe’s beautiful arrangements}

Favorite mid-week dinner:

{made something similar to this last night and it was perfection. via Sweet Pea Chef}

Have a great weekend, friends!


4 responses to “friday favorites”

  1. Love the re-design lady!

    Also, happy you found that yoga video… LOVE the song. Have fun this weekend!! 🙂


  2. Me too! I was just fascinated watching it. Yoga is so awesome 🙂


  3. Lovely post,dear! :))


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