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how to style: knit sweater

One of my fall/winter staples is, of course, the chunky knit sweater. Mostly I wear it because a) I’m cold and b) I’m lazy, but there ARE ways to make this super cozy closet addition stylish. The sweater above is a from H&M, and it’s surprisingly versatile. Keep reading to see four ways to dress up your basic knit sweater!

knit sweater: dinner date

knit sweater: dinner date by lena-barclay featuring 18k jewelry

I’m a big believer in only showing one sexy body part at once – meaning, if you’re wearing something that shows off your cleavage, make sure your legs, arms, and torso are adequately covered, and vice versa. With a swingy little skirt and flattering heels, even a chunky knit can be sexy and date-appropriate.

knit sweater: work-appropriate

knit sweater: work-appropriate by lena-barclay featuring stretch jeans

This is pretty much my winter uniform. Dark blue jeans, a crisp white shirt, a cozy knit, and booties are comfortable enough to run from meeting to meeting while still making you look polished and streamlined. Plus, I always try to wear layers at the office because of the crazy fluctuating temperature (and the fact that I’m always cold), and this fits the bill perfectly.

knit sweater: night out

knit sweater: night out by lena-barclay featuring a sterling silver bracelet

What?! You can wear a big woolly sweater for a night out? Uh, YES. I actually love doing this because (as mentioned before), I am always cold, and I personally think there is nothing sexier than rolled up sleeves with a little bit of shoulder peeking out. A simple outfit also lets you focus on accessories, like a fun clutch, daring shoes, or a bold make-up look. Plus if you get too warm (from dancing, of course) you can whip off the knit and tie it around your waist for a 90’s grunge throw-back.

knit sweater: casual and relaxed

knit sweater: casual and relaxed by lena-barclay featuring oxford shoes

And, of course, my favorite of the bunch! Boyfriend jeans, oxfords, and kooky earrings make this look as cute as it is cozy. Perfect for weekend mornings, shopping excursions, or catching up with a friend over coffee. Can it be the weekend already please???

What do you think? Would you wear any of these combinations? Let me know!


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  1. love the pineapple earrings! cute ideas 🙂


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