arizona, part one

You may remember that at the end of July, my friend Laura left Fort Collins for Phoenix, AZ, to begin a post-grad adventure on her own. Laura and I met through a serendipitous Craigslist roommate ad, and in the two years she was here, she became an integral part of my Fort Collins family. Saying goodbye to her was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do this year, so as soon as she drove off in her Subaru, I hopped online and searched (between sobs) for flights to go visit her. 

Luckily, I found something super affordable in September and booked it right away. Before I knew it, September was here and I was off to see her again at last! I arrived at around 8 pm on Friday night and after an In-N-Out burger, a dip in the pool, and some wonderful catching up, we both passed out in her adorable apartment. The next morning, I actually got to see where I was…

So…Laura basically lives in a tropical paradise! She’s in a fantastic gated residence with a pool, a hot tub, man-made lake, palm trees, private gym, and other amenities. We got up slowly and strolled around the grounds before hopping in the car for breakfast…

And coffee…

 Breakfast of champions, hands down.

We started our day with a trip to the National History Museum, where we wandered through the exhibitions, learning about Arizona, dinosaurs, the West and more. It’s a very cute museum, and I highly recommend checking it out! Our favorite room was the one where there were a bunch of old daily items strewn around and you had to guess what each item was for.

Once we’d had our fill at the museum, we headed to Scottsdale for a stroll around the Old Town, stopping for a few pictures on the way…

We made it to Scottsdale in one piece, but after some window shopping + gallery-hopping, we barely managed to run to shelter before a huge monsoon storm hit –  we’re talking a power-outage, rain-coming-through-the-roof, walls shaking kind of storm –  leaving us stranded indoors for the next hour and a half.

So what did we do?
We made the best of it, of course, by ordering margaritas and guacamole ☺ 

Stay tuned for more tomorrow!


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