Month: October 2014

three years

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anniversary / conrad / engaged / love / married / wedding

Today marks three years with these two^^Three years! It’s so weird how the time flies. I can hardly remember my life without him in it, yet I still get giggly and stupid when talking about him (just ask my sister. She’s probably rolling her eyes in disgust as she reads this). And now we’re engaged! I’m so excited to marry him, and to continue our adventure together. Conrad, I love you so much and am […]


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{coffe + bicycles} A pretty quiet Tuesday around here. Not much too exciting going on this week except the anticipation of Halloween on Friday, elections (and the end of campaign commercials, thank God), and the sudden dip in temperatures in CO.  On the plus side, I made a delicious broccoli-potato-cheddar soup last night and am heating it up as I type for a cozy, cold-weather dinner. Come winter, I turn into a full-on soup-addict so […]

at the pumpkin patch

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animals / baby / cute / family / farm / fun / halloween / holidays / outside / patch / pumpkin / tobias / weekend

I hadn’t planned to do anything on Saturday except to head to my brother’s place and help him set up a resume, but when Conrad’s sister Adrienne invited us to join them at the pumpkin patch, I couldn’t think of a better weekend activity. Since he’d been inside all day, I dragged Nick along with Tobias, and off we went! This was my first time at a pumpkin patch, and it did not disappoint. There […]

friday favorites

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Happy Friday! Oh man, this week was draining. Not only was work extremely hectic, but I had a lot of emotional things weighing on me and I feel absolutely exhausted and ready for a weekend of R&R. I plan to do nothing besides clean my apartment, sleep, read, and catch up with loved ones. On a lighter note, I’ve been re-reading Harry Potter from the beginning (I’m currently on The Prisoner of Azkaban) and I’m […]


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cold / cookbooks / decor / engaged / fall / lately / lena / lifestyle / love / reading / tea / yoga

{so excited to try recipes from this cookbook} Not too much to say about this week except that I’m beyond wiped out, and it’s not just from spending last weekend sick as a dog. Work has been super busy, and my energy is not on the level I need it to be. Still, tomorrow is Friday and I could not be happier! I’m going to try to chat with my mom (not easy as she […]

quiet sunday

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afternoon / autumn / beautiful / conrad / fall / fun / love / nature / stroll / tobias / weekend

  After an awesome pumpkin carving bash on Friday (thanks to all those who could make it!), the rest of this weekend was pretty low-key. I spent Saturday browsing antique flea-markets with my little brother and ended the evening by going to see Let’s Be Cops at the cheap theater (it was pretty darn funny). Sunday, I felt really under the weather and wanted to wrap myself in my blanket all day, but finally mustered […]

the irony

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{image via} In lieu of Friday Favorites, I thought I’d talk a little bit today about blogging and materialism and how ridiculous the whole thing is. I know, as a blogger myself,  this post may make me out to be a huge hypocrite, and sometimes I can be, but on the whole, I’ve noticed a significant shift in the blogging world since I first started reading blogs around 5-6 years ago and it’s been bothering […]