arizona, part two

Hello again!

Yesterday, I left you as we started to explore Old Town Scottsdale, but due to computer issues, I was not able to upload all of the pictures I took of our tour! As I said, we left downtown Phoenix after a trip to the Natural History Museum, and spent the rest of the morning exploring the art galleries, shops, restaurants, and historic buildings in Scottsdale.

Cowboy heaven^^

I wanted one of everything from this shop, but seeing as I was flying with just a carry-on the next day, I settled for a few painted tiles and a jalapeno jelly (planning to use this with goat cheese!).

Laura and I both swooned at the drying chilies and garlic.

One thing that I loved about Phoenix is the street art we saw everywhere. Apparently, Phoenix rivals Santa Fe for South Western art and goods, and I saw so many parallels between both cities.

As the day wore on, the gorgeous blue sky we’d had that morning gave way to humongous dark clouds, booming thunder, and nasty winds. Within minutes, we were running for shelter from the storm…

…where, as I said, we made the best of it! We stopped into The Mission, and ordered two margaritas and the table-mixed guacamole. Oh. My. God.

It was super dark so the pictures don’t do it justice, but trust me when I say this was phenomenal. Our kind bartender even gave us a few freebie slushed drinks for our bravery during the storm (not really, he had leftovers of a drink he was trying out). Extremely delicious, and the perfect hide-out from the rain!

That evening we spent a few good hours in the Scottsdale Mall (where we felt like bedraggled peasants thanks to our rain-soaked clothes and all of the beautiful rich people milling in and out of places like Prada and Mulberry). Having done some suitable economic damage, we headed home for wine, cheese, and The League

Just the fuel we needed before braving the streets to get a drink for Laura’s birthday! Stay tuned for part three tomorrow


P.S. I’m sorry for the short post yesterday, but I was having major computer issues so decided to break up my AZ posts into three, instead of two, posts.

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