fall to do list

Fall is officially here, and I couldn’t be happier. The weather is colder, the leaves are changing, and it is almost socially acceptable to listen to Christmas music (yes, I’m one of those). With every new season, I try to make a list of things I want to do to celebrate the change in weather, so that, instead of dreading winter, I have fun things to look forward to. Of course, this becomes much more difficult around February/March, but it’s still a nice little pick-me-up and an even better reminder to enjoy the present and all that comes with it.

1. Have a doughnut-making day

2. Go through closet and sort winter/summer clothes

3. Rent a cabin for a long weekend with friends

4. Master three new soups.

5. Compile a list of scary movies to re-watch

6. Knit entire scarf

7. Visit Estes Park

8. Learn to make a new pie

9. Start a running program, possibly do a race?

10. Host a pumpkin carving party

What’s on you fall to do list?

  1. Christmas music? Wait wait wait, at least tell me you've got Nightmare Before Christmas songs on your playlist. ♥ Sounds like you're going to have a wonderful autumn!


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