at the pumpkin patch

I hadn’t planned to do anything on Saturday except to head to my brother’s place and help him set up a resume, but when Conrad’s sister Adrienne invited us to join them at the pumpkin patch, I couldn’t think of a better weekend activity. Since he’d been inside all day, I dragged Nick along with Tobias, and off we went!

This was my first time at a pumpkin patch, and it did not disappoint.

There were funky gourds…

…farm animals…

…and a corn maze, hay rides, and kettle corn!

Max was dressed in his Halloween finest, so of course I had to take some family pics ☺

He was not too happy about this ^^

Tobias, however, was more than happy to pose for the camera.


I took the obligatory ‘pumpkin patch!’ picture…

…but did not realize that this meant I’d end up with dirt all over my front. #fail

We played with the farm animals, though Max was not very impressed by this either.


He did, however, find one creature worth his while…

Uncle Tobias!

I love that munchkin so much. So excited to be his ‘official’ aunt!!

Once Keith and Adrienne had found their perfect pumpkins, Nick and I left to get back to work at home, grateful for our little break in the sun. Unfortunately, we didn’t get much done at home because the pies I had in the oven were done and needed immediate taste-testing (to make sure they were ok for consumption, of course), so all got forgotten in the sugar rush ☺

What did you get up to this weekend?


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