{coffe + bicycles}

A pretty quiet Tuesday around here. Not much too exciting going on this week except the anticipation of Halloween on Friday, elections (and the end of campaign commercials, thank God), and the sudden dip in temperatures in CO.  On the plus side, I made a delicious broccoli-potato-cheddar soup last night and am heating it up as I type for a cozy, cold-weather dinner. Come winter, I turn into a full-on soup-addict so prepare for more recipes to come
{organized closet = organized life…amiright?}

 {goofy photo booth fun}
{this guy. forever.}

{wedding planning! all suggestions are welcome!}

{salted caramel apple pie. need i say more?}
{vampire diaries, season five, all day, err’ day. jk, i have a job }


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