Month: November 2014

friday favorites

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Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving yesterday (for those who celebrated). I joined my extended Fort Collins family for an amazing meal and some much-needed catch-up time with everyone.It was great! I am definitely feeling the food hangover today, though, so am happy that it’s Friday and I can have a few days to recover. I’m also so excited to start getting ready for  Christmas! I really do try and wait until […]

the capsule wardrobe

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Hello! Have you ever heard of a ‘capsule wardrobe’? Not an entirely new concept, the term ‘capsule wardrobe’ dates back to the 1970s. Coined by store-owner Suzie Faux, a capsule wardrobe consisted of a foundation of clothing staples that are timeless, but can be augmented with seasonal pieces. While the specific components vary from person to person, this minimalistic approach to fashion has experienced a recent rise in popularity. According to UnFancy blogger Caroline Rector, a capsule […]


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Hi guys!! {the scary horse at DIA during one of the most beautiful sunsets of the year} Sorry for being absent last week! We’re packing to move into our new place, and I haven’t had much blog-fodder as a result. In addition, by the time I get out of work it’s nearly pitch-black (thanks a lot, daylight-savings time), so that hasn’t been very conducive to blogging either. Nevertheless, things have been happening around here (mostly […]


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I realized this morning that I never actually got around to showing you my Halloween photos, and decided to sub Friday Favorites with Flashback Friday. As I’d mentioned, on Halloween morning we partook in the Old Town kids’ Halloween event, which entailed adorably dressed up kids and dogs stopping at Old Town businesses for candy. I’d never heard of this event before, and thought it would be so fun to meet Adrienne and her little […]

food for thought – on getting engaged

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For today’s post, I thought I’d write a little bit about my thoughts and feelings since getting engaged one month ago. If you’re in the mood for some random, mushy ramblings, read on! Conrad proposed to me on October 6th this year, and the whole thing still feels so surreal. I think the biggest surprise so far has been the fact that being proposed to really wasn’t a ‘surprise’, like I thought it would be. […]

monday favorites

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Remember last Thursday when I said there would be a Friday Favorites post?…. Yeah…so sorry about that. To make up for it, I have decided to do some Monday Favorites to brighten up your Monday and get you going for the week. Hope you enjoy it 🙂 Favorite honey-loving bear: {mini-winnie} Favorite hostess gift ideas: {via Buzzfeed} Favorite IKEA organizing tips & tricks: {also via Buzzfeed} Favorite Thanksgiving dessert to try out: {Pear tarte tatin, […]


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Hello there!  I know I haven’t been as good at updating lately, but I miss the blog! Truthfully, things have been very busy (what else is new), and I haven’t been as motivated to post. That’s just how my productivity works. It ebbs and flows, and I’d rather not post if I don’t have something I want to share or talk about. (Also, I left my camera at Adrienne’s place last weekend and haven’t made […]