Hello there! 
I know I haven’t been as good at updating lately, but I miss the blog! Truthfully, things have been very busy (what else is new), and I haven’t been as motivated to post. That’s just how my productivity works. It ebbs and flows, and I’d rather not post if I don’t have something I want to share or talk about.
(Also, I left my camera at Adrienne’s place last weekend and haven’t made the effort to go and pick it up yet. Oops. )
Halloween was last week, and we had a great time with baby Max at the Old Town Halloween Event for kiddos (I did take a lot of pictures of that, so stay tuned). For the first time since I was 18, I didn’t go out to celebrate, and it was honestly such a relief not to be surrounded by drunken crowds and freezing my butt off in a too-skimpy costume. At first I felt a little bad for staying in, but I ended up having a great evening. We went over to Adrienne’s place with my little bro, and spent the evening watching movies and eating candy (pretty much what I want to do every night). Did you do anything fun for Halloween?
On another note, how is it already Nov. 6? Wasn’t it just the end of Sept. like two days ago? I didn’t realize it until I got a LinkedIn notification congratulating me, but November marks one year at my current job, which seems insane to me. I’ve been so lucky to be in a position where I feel like my work and contributions are appreciated, while at the same time having space to grow and learn.
November also marks the showing of Spring Awakening, which my sister is acting in and we will be seeing this weekend, a visit from my friend Laura (!!!), numerous birthdays, Veteran’s Day (paid holiday, woo hoo) and Thanksgiving (turkey stuffing. ’nuff said), so there are a lot of exciting things coming up, and I can’t wait to share them all with you.
Hope everyone has a great Thursday, and don’t forget to check back here for tomorrow’s favorites 🙂

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