I realized this morning that I never actually got around to showing you my Halloween photos, and decided to sub Friday Favorites with Flashback Friday.
As I’d mentioned, on Halloween morning we partook in the Old Town kids’ Halloween event, which entailed adorably dressed up kids and dogs stopping at Old Town businesses for candy. I’d never heard of this event before, and thought it would be so fun to meet Adrienne and her little one for a quick stroll. Because Max is too little for real candy we ended up getting to keep all of his treats, so it was more than worth braving the cold!

A lot of the parents were dressed up, too, and it was so fun to see so much creativity in one place!

Conrad eventually met up with us, and we stopped at Little Bird Bakery for a cappuccino.

 Is he not the cutest pooh bear ever??

By noon, most of the kiddos were crying and ready for nap-time, so we parted ways and agreed to meet up later that evening. Even though I had no plans to go out, I couldn’t waste an opportunity to get dressed! On our way to Adrienne’s that evening, we made a pit stop at my brother and sister’s place to see them before they went out.

I went as a cat, but Conrad said my ‘ears’ made me look more like a mouse. #fail

Nick was a Vietnam War soldier/zombie.
And Margot and Emily were total cuties as Bob the Builder (left) and Jules from Bend It Like Beckham (right). 

Why does it feel like Halloween was months ago, when it was really only two weeks ago? Oh my, how time flies…

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


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