Hi guys!!
{the scary horse at DIA during one of the most beautiful sunsets of the year}

Sorry for being absent last week! We’re packing to move into our new place, and I haven’t had much blog-fodder as a result. In addition, by the time I get out of work it’s nearly pitch-black (thanks a lot, daylight-savings time), so that hasn’t been very conducive to blogging either. Nevertheless, things have been happening around here (mostly work and packing), and I thought I’d kick off this week with a little ‘lately’ post to show you some of the more ‘fun’ things occupying my time.

 {brunch at the best place ever}
 {while I hate the lack of day-time, we have been having the most amazing sunsets}

{this chica came to visit!!}
 {car photo-shoots with my brother}
{neighborhood walks on the weekends to gawk at the beautiful historic homes}

{it’s my sister’s birthday today! looking forward to celebrating tonight ☺}
Miss you guys! I promise to try to be better at updating. 

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