friday favorites

Happy Friday!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving yesterday (for those who celebrated). I joined my extended Fort Collins family for an amazing meal and some much-needed catch-up time with everyone.It was great! I am definitely feeling the food hangover today, though, so am happy that it’s Friday and I can have a few days to recover. I’m also so excited to start getting ready for  Christmas! I really do try and wait until after Thanksgiving to start any Christmas cheer, but it is so hard when stores start putting up x-mas decor and gifts Nov 1! Now, though, I’m ready for the lights and the decorations and the Christmas music! Unfortunately, we’re moving in a few weeks, and so our apartment looks like a tornado ran through it and all of my x-mas stuff is packed away in boxes 😦 Still, I am having fun planning gifts and baking cookies. Read on for more of my favorites from the past week!

Favorite cold-weather trend:

{winter whites! Would love to try and pull this look off…images via pinterest}

Favorite DIY gift guide:

{Shameless plug! I’m thinking about making another one this year – thoughts?}

Favorite Thanksgiving leftover ideas:

{in my opinion, leftovers are the best part}

Favorite Christmas decor:

{minimal chic ideas via Elements of Style}

Favorite past-time:

{knitting! I’m obsessed. Here’s a great tutorial if you want to start}

Favorite birthday boy:

{this guy turns 28 this weekend!!}

And speaking of Thanksgiving, THANK YOU so much for reading. You guys mean a lot to me and I hope that I can continue this blog for a long time to come…

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Much love,


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