margot’s birthday

Last Monday was my sister Margot’s 23rd birthday! We met her at Mainline for dinner and cocktails to celebrate.

Nick was his usual dapper self.

Margot was properly accessorized ^^

And the party began! Margot’s friend Naomi made cupcakes, making it excessively difficult to focus on the menu!

Margot’s been incredibly busy this year with work, school, and being in a professional musical (!!). She’s moving to Uganda next Spring to complete her student teaching, so this was an extra special celebration/goodbye. She’ll be back, but we’ll miss her so much!

A few of these ^^ later, and things started to get weird…

We ended the night with games and movies at her place for a sleepover that went waaaaaay past my bed-time. 
Happy birthday Margot! And, just because I’m your big sis and it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t embarrass you one more time before you leave, here’s my favorite picture from the night:

Love you!!


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