Month: January 2015

2015 goals

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So… I realize that I getting my ‘new year’s resolutions’ up on Jan 22nd sort of makes me an immediate failure in the resolutions department, but I’ve decided not to do actual resolutions this year. Instead, I’m aiming for goals. I also figure that since I usually start my resolutions at full force on Jan 1, only to be completely exhausted and fed up by Feb 4, I’m not being strict about implementation. A lot […]

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Hi friends! First, I apologize for my ridiculously long absence. I could blame it on being busy, moving homes, travelling between continents, etc., etc., but to be honest….I just needed a break! Without much advance planning, I took a nice, long, blog (and computer) break and, not gonna lie, IT FELT GOOD. I now feel much more energized and excited to be back! Second, happy new year 2015! How’s the new year treating you so […]