return to blog!

Hi friends!
First, I apologize for my ridiculously long absence. I could blame it on being busy, moving homes, travelling between continents, etc., etc., but to be honest….I just needed a break! Without much advance planning, I took a nice, long, blog (and computer) break and, not gonna lie, IT FELT GOOD. I now feel much more energized and excited to be back!
Second, happy new year 2015! How’s the new year treating you so far? We spent the first week of 2015 in Sweden, catching up with friends and family, eating as much smoked salmon (me) and Swedish candy (Conrad) as humanly possible, and binge-watching Downton Abbey. Our return to Colorado was a little less relaxing, as we left our house pretty much in shambles and were met with the super-fun task of unpacking not just our luggage, but all the boxes we’d left untouched as well. Mix that with jet-lag and going back to full-time work and what do you get? Two extremely tired twenty-somethings, that’s what. I am very excited about this weekend, let me tell ya.
Third, guess what day it is? FRIDAY! And that means the first ‘Friday Favorites’ post of 2015! So read on, enjoy, and have a great weekend!

Favorite face:

{missed this kid way too much!}

 Favorite cheat-sheet:

{Using your DSLR in manual mode, via Shot Rockers}

Favorite cooking advice:

{What’s the difference between….via the Kitchn}

Favorite closet organizing guide:

{Clean out your closet, Vogue-style}

Favorite winter dessert:

{Escape the cold with a tropical Key Lime Pie, via SmittenKitchen}

Favorite get-ready-fast trick:

{I so need to do this…via Cup of Jo}

Favorite commandments:

{Gym etiquette broken down, via RealSimple}

Have a great weekend! Much love to you all xxx


One response to “return to blog!”

  1. I love you, and your blog, and your man, and his dog! xoxoxo


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