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NEWS FLASH: Moving sucks. Packing, unpacking, cleaning, losing things, the actual move, etc., it all sucks. Having moved homes more than 15+ times in my life, you’d think I’d have some sort of tools or strategies to fall back on to make moving less painful, but nope. No such luck. I’m still a terrible packer and major procrastinator, and every move I go through is a hellish, seemingly-neverending ordeal.
There is, however, one thing I LOVE about moving, and that is the chance to start fresh. I was one of those kids who regularly moved my furniture around my room because I liked seeing things arranged in new ways. Moving gives you a chance to go through all your stuff, clear out the unneeded/ugly/broken/out-of-use, etc. and create a whole new aesthetic for your home.
We moved homes in December, and have slowly been organizing and decorating our new place. There is no place better than pinterest to gather decor/interior inspiration to help give me clearer vision of what I want for our home, so I’ve been making a collection of some looks that have been inspiring me as of late. As you’ll see, I’m leaning towards minimal, clean lines, natural textures, quirky, modern pieces, relaxed organization, and lots of light.
If you’re re-thinking your space for 2015 and was in need of some visual aids. keep reading!

Love the simplicity of this kitchen nook, and those chairs make me swoon.

Even though this room is mostly cream/white, the different materials and textures keep it from being boring.

What I wouldn’t give for some exposed brick!

This closet alternative is organized, but not too stuffy and polished.

Can I live here, please?

Now I’m longing for the weekend, just so I can work on my home! Hope you all have a great Thursday 🙂


(all images via pinterest)

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