arthur’s rock shenanigans

A few weeks ago, our best and most missed friend Laura visited from the desert of Arizona for spring break. To give her a break from the heat, we decided to acclimatize her with a chilly, snow-ridden hike, Colorado-style.

The weather was overcast with glimpses of sun here and there. and made for the best hiking weather since we were never too warm or too cold.

Chatting the entire way, we made it up to the top pretty quickly. There we paused to catch our breaths and enjoy the view.

^^Real men carry hot pink water bottles.

Finally, the clouds parted and we were treated to some really gorgeous views.

I tend to go on hiking-hiatus during the colder months, and this little trek reminded me how refreshing and energizing being in nature can be. Can’t wait for the sunnier days to come to truly take advantage of my surroundings!

We returned home totally famished and indulged in what Laura affectionately calls ‘cheese lunch’ – essentially a huge array of cheese, bread, cured meats, and, of course, vino! Sufficiently stuffed, we all proceeded to pass out for luxuriously long afternoon naps. Pretty much the BEST DAY EVER.

Please come back soon, Laura! I miss you too much already!


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