Month: June 2015

why i quit instagram

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I’m not sure if anyone noticed, but last week, I deleted my Instagram account! (I still need to edit my social media button to the right – haven’t had a chance to yet!)I did it for a few different reasons, and, having been a week without it, I thought it might be a good idea to write about the whole experience and why I decided to delete my account. Don’t get me wrong –  I LOVE Instagram. As […]

summer days

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Last weekend was one of those perfect summer weekends. Friends, family, and food played a central role, not to mention the gorgeous weather we were blessed with. Here’s a glimpse of what we got up to…  {caprese salad (featuring basil from our herb garden)- a summer staple} {a personal concert for Max Danger} {meeting friends, new and old – see below} {love these two!} {a spontaneous jump in the reservoir thanks to our bossy friend […]

summer to do list

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You know me and lists – it’s a love/hate thing. Those lists with boring, necessary things on them? Yuck. Those with fun, inspiring, exciting things on them? LOVE. This is the latter. Every season, I make a list of fun things to do to help avoid those weekends where I do nothing but binge-watch OITNB (not that those aren’t GREAT, but you know…). Having some plans set in place makes me more likely to schedule […]

friday favorites

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Hey guys! Soooo happy it is Friday (although…when have I ever not been happy it’s Friday? Never. That’s when). This weekend is supposed to be sunny and warm, and I plan on celebrating that with as much time outside as possible. It’s also Swedish midsummer, and, true to form, Sweden is grey and rainy, so I’ll be living it up in honor of all my brave Swedes still drinking, dancing, and singing despite the cold. […]

wedding update

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Things have been pretty down on the blog lately, so I thought I’d cheer myself (and you guys!) up with some wedding chit-chat. Grab yourself a cup of tea, get comfy, and read on! First of all, it’s coming soon! We are getting married on Friday, August 7th, with a private ceremony, followed by a reception/party with all of our friends on Saturday the 8th. Invites are out – finally. That took me forever to […]

saying goodbye

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This is a hard post to write, so bear with me. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you will know that last week we said goodbye to our big puppy, Tobias. I wanted to write a blog post about the whole thing because for me, writing is therapeutic and I’m generally better at expressing myself on paper (keyboard?) than in person. As most of you know, Tobias had been sick for a little […]

friday favorites

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Hi guys! Happy Friday!! I actually have a Friday Favorites post for you today – shocker, right? This week flew by, as they usually do when I have a million-plus things to do, but it was good one regardless. We’re supposed to have crummy weather this weekend but in order to not let it bring me down, I’ve put together a list of things to do that I know will make me happy, like seeing […]