After what seemed like an entire month of rain, we finally have seem to have settled into summer. I’ve been away for a while, but I’m sure you understand. Work, dealing with Tobias’ declining health, and revving up the wedding planning, has left me feeling like I’m juggling three full-time jobs with little time for blogging left over. That said, I miss this space and I miss updating you guys, so here’s a quick little post to fill you in on what’s been going on lately.

Last month we celebrated Max Danger’s first birthday! I still can’t believe that little guys is one year old…how fast time flies! I promise to do a whole post on this since it was the cutest thing ever. Max was the best behaved ‘wild thing’ and his second birthday is going to have some stiff competition after this birthday!
Colorado likes extremes. We either have such intense heat that we have forest fires, or so much rain that we risk floods. As I mentioned, it’s been the latter this year. Rain, rain, rain, and more rain. As such, we’ve been taking advantage of every sunny day to pretend that it’s been normal weather, hence regular margaritas and tacos at La Luz. I can pretend that it’s warm and sunny a lot easier after a margarita (or two) and some cheesy nachos, can’t you?

Margot came back to the US! After a semester of student teaching in Uganda, she is working in Colorado for the summer and it is great to have her back. Before Nick left for Sweden for the summer, we had a rare moment of all the siblings in the same country so we made sure to document it for the parents.

Margot also graduated! She is officially a college graduate and has been offered a position with the Kampala International School in Uganda, which she will start in early August! So proud of her.

On a sadder note, Tobias hasn’t been doing too well. On some days, he is the same bubbly, happy, wonderful dog that he always is, but then we’ll notice how labored his breathing is, and how little he can really walk anymore. His appetite is nearly non-existent, save for treats (and he is getting a lot of those!), and he’s lost weight and slowed down a lot. We don’t know how long he has, but every day we see him getting a little worse. It’s heartbreaking and awful, but we are trying to stay positive, to enjoy whatever time we have left with him. I break down crying pretty much daily, and while Conrad is better at maintaining some composure than I am, he has the same sad moments. We’ve been so touched by the support and love from our friends, and I want to say thank you for that. Just knowing that people understand how hard this is makes it a little easier to deal with.

So that’s life, lately. Both great moments and low ones. I hope the month of June brings a bit more calm and balance, so that we can fully focus on what’s truly important, like spending time with friends and loved ones. Thanks for sticking around.


2 responses to “lately”

  1. Lena, get hold of Diana. She wants to come to your wedding and see your whole family together. I, sadly, can't go, as I will be in Japan visiting Laura. Grandpa is so looking forward to being there.
    Love, Aunt Carol


  2. love to tobias xx


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