friday favorites

Hi guys! Happy Friday!!

I actually have a Friday Favorites post for you today – shocker, right? This week flew by, as they usually do when I have a million-plus things to do, but it was good one regardless. We’re supposed to have crummy weather this weekend but in order to not let it bring me down, I’ve put together a list of things to do that I know will make me happy, like seeing friends, cuddling with Tobes, suit shopping for Conrad (WAY more fun for me than for him, poor guy ), kissing Max’s chubby cheeks, and diving into my new book. What are your weekend plans?

Keep reading for this week’s favorites…

Favorite wedding stuff:

{The wedding countdown is ON and I’m starting to leave the ‘where-the-heck-do-I-start’, ‘I-have-so-much-to-do’, and ‘this-is-so-overwhelming’ phases and leaping into the ‘OMG-this-is-really-happening-and-I’m-so-freaking-excited’ phase!}
{It’s Donut Day! Make your own here or get thee to a Dunkin’ stat for a free one}

 Favorite season:

{SUMMER IS HERE!!! More inspo on my Pinterest}

 Favorite body-love inspiration:

{Jessamyn proves that fitness and beauty can come in any size or shape! See her awesome Tumblr}

 Favorite life-hack:

{How to appear like you have your sh*t together when people come over, via Buzzfeed}

 Favorite bbq dessert:

{Someone brought this banana pudding to our staff BBQ yesterday and I quite literally could have eaten it ALL}

Have a great weekend!


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