friday favorites

Hey guys!
Soooo happy it is Friday (although…when have I ever not been happy it’s Friday? Never. That’s when).
This weekend is supposed to be sunny and warm, and I plan on celebrating that with as much time outside as possible. It’s also Swedish midsummer, and, true to form, Sweden is grey and rainy, so I’ll be living it up in honor of all my brave Swedes still drinking, dancing, and singing despite the cold. Unfortunately for Conrad, I will definitely be breaking out the pickled herring, caviar, and boiled eggs (let’s not forget the meatballs!), so while this weekend may be makeout-free, at least my tummy will be happy. 
Have a great weekend! 
Favorite weekend breakfast:

{upping my avo toast game with a poached egg and some caviar? Yes, please. Via Chocolate and + Marrow}

Favorite 4th of July decor tips:

{despite being hugely unpatriotic, I love the 4th of July! Already planning with these tips from Real Simple}

Favorite weekend activity:

{the Fort Collins farmer’s market is calling my name this weekend}

Favorite office space:

{textiles and products designer Lulu deKwiatkowski’s gorgeous office, via Domaine}

Favorite fashion muse:

{Anine Bing, Danish designer, model, and blogger, always kills it in the neutral, cool-girl category}

Favorite binge:

{season three = already on repeat}

Favorite hobby ideas:

{because when I get sick of OITNB, I’ll need a new hobby…via Buzzfeed}

What are your weekend plans?

Much love as always,


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