summer to do list

You know me and lists – it’s a love/hate thing. Those lists with boring, necessary things on them? Yuck. Those with fun, inspiring, exciting things on them? LOVE. This is the latter. Every season, I make a list of fun things to do to help avoid those weekends where I do nothing but binge-watch OITNB (not that those aren’t GREAT, but you know…). Having some plans set in place makes me more likely to schedule the fun stuff in along with the necessary stuff, and it helps me to slow down and enjoy the season as fully as I can.

1. Go to a drive-in movie AT LEAST once

2. Make friends with someone who has a pool (hi, Courtney!)

3. Learn how to make jam

4. Get married (no biggie)

5. Spend a weekend in the mountains

6. Have a frozen yogurt date

7. Go camping in Moab

8. See Neil Young at Red Rocks amphitheater

9. Make this pie

10. Swim in the ocean

What’s on your to-do list?


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