honeymoon style

Happy Thursday!

Thanks for all your kind words on my last post. If I had any doubts about my decision to quit Instagram, they’ve all been silenced by your wonderful support. Today, I thought I’d lighten things up with a fun outfit post! This one’s for the fashion-obsessed, so if that’s not your bag, check back for some Friday Favorites tomorrow instead 🙂

As some of you know, we are not going on our ‘real’ honeymoon this year. Because there is so much going on this summer and fall, we’ve decided to wait until next spring to do a big trip. As much as I’d love to get away for ten days (or more!) after the wedding craziness, the good thing about postponing our trip is that it gives us ample time to save and plan for an amazing trip. We’re definitely planning on going somewhere tropical, but we haven’t narrowed down our exact destination. Of course, that hasn’t stopped me from planning my outfits!!

Below, I put together a few different looks for your typical tropical/beach vacation. I always try to pack with outfits in mind (although that never goes as planned!), so I thought it might be fun to outline some classic looks that I’ll *hopefully* be rocking next spring!

honeymoon - travel day

honeymoon – travel day by lena-barclay featuring a layered necklace

For travel, comfort is obviously the most important thing. A slouchy tee, boyfriend jeans, and cozy scarf are all I need while drooling snoring sleeping on a plane.

honeymoon - exploring dat

honeymoon – exploring day by lena-barclay featuring steve madden sandals

Despite my love for planning, I’m not one to follow a strict itinerary of sights to see on a trip. I prefer to get lost in a city and spend the day finding my way back, discovering hidden treasures along the way. For a day like that, a simple outfit of shorts, a tee shirt, and sandals are all I need (and my camera, of course!).

honeymoon- beach day

honeymoon- beach day by lena-barclay featuring a straw tote

BEACH DAY! Sunscreen, bikini, cover-up, and sunglasses. Done.

honeymoon - tourist day

honeymoon – tourist day by lena-barclay featuring faux flowers

Even though I usually eschew traditional ‘tourist’ sites, I do feel bad if I leave somewhere without seeing anything historical or cultural. For a day like this, flats, a cute skirt, and a flirty top are an easy, pretty pick. I would also always bring a scarf or jacket in case we’re going to a religious site and need my shoulders covered.

honeymoon - pool day

honeymoon – pool day by lena-barclay featuring Billabong

This is the time to break out the pretty swimsuit! When on the beach, I want to have fun. When I’m at the pool, I want to lounge, relax, read, and feel glam. A beautiful towel compliments the whole look, as does a trashy novel.

honeymoon - dinner out

honeymoon – dinner out by lena-barclay featuring an essie nail polish

For a night out, I finally break out some color! A flirty dress and gold earrings are just fancy enough to make a dinner out feel special, especially when paired with a tan (from a bottle, obviously….who am I kidding? I can’t tan.)

And there you have it! This might make me sound a bit ditzy, but I find putting outfits together soooo fun, especially when I have a trip coming up. It helps me to narrow down what I want to do while away, and what to bring to ensure that happens. I use Polyvore to make ‘sets’ and ‘collections’, and it’s like playing with a modern-day paper doll! Here’s my account, if you want to see some of my other collections!

Have a great day!


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