4th of july 2015

Last weekend, we escaped to the mountains for an epic 4th of July! Get ready, because this post is picture-heavy.

After picking up a very special guest (keep reading to see who!), Saturday morning we headed up to Pingree Park, CSU’s Mountain Campus, where Margot’s been working this summer.

After a round of excited squeals, we calmed down and Margot gave us a tour of the facilities. I actually worked for a summer at Pingree when I was 17 years old and have been back only one since then, so this was a trip down (a very immature, silly) memory lane for me.

I spy with my little eye a gorgeous red-head….

After a sprinkle of rain, the sun came out and made the campus even more breathtaking than it usually is.

Soaking up the sunshine, we continued our tour of the grounds, stopping ever once in a while to chat and take pictures.

Laura’s here!!!!!!

Eventually, we came upon some nerd going fishing….oh, wait, that’s my future husband 🙂

When we got back from our walk, another set of friendly faces greeted us!

We grabbed a few adult beverages and hung out on the bridge to watch Conrad freeze to death fish.

Someone wanted to jump in with him! Luckily, mom and dad obliged.

Max even got to touch one of Conrad’s fish! Look at that face…so cute!

The clouds rolled in again, and we retreated to our cabin for some aperitifs.


AKA BEER AND JELLO SHOTS! ‘Cause we’re classy like that.

Fourth of July pie (pre-baking)….

Mood music….
Since it rained, we bagged our plans for a cookout and got dinner at the cafeteria. The rest of the night was pretty chill, with a fabulous nap, some pool, more beer, and a hilarious game of Cards Against Humanity (using the expansion pack!!). 

As an aside, I’d like to take this time to humbly point out that I won the game this time (BOOYAH BITCHES).
The next morning, we started the day with a good ol’ camp breakfast!

More baby time!

The weather was perfect, so we headed for a short hike to Twin Lakes.
Best family photo, ever.

I’m so grateful for an amazing weekend with these people! We headed home tired but so happy to have been reunited at long last. Can we do this every year?

If you’re American or in the US, how did you spend your fourth?


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  1. It looks beautiful out there!
    Darianne | Morning Brew blog | Instagram | Bloglovin'


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