friday favorites

Happy Friday!
What a week! With both Laura and Margot in town, an incredible concert at Red Rocks, and Conrad’s annual cardiac catheterization (all went well), this week has been BUSY! And it’s not over yet. I’m off on a little adventure this weekend, so see if you can figure out where and for what from my favorites below…

Favorite psychoanalysis:

{what kind of person are you? via Two Kind of People}

Favorite treat:

{craving in-n-out burgers like nobody’s business}

Favorite makeup/hair inspiration:

{rihanna can do no wrong! Via pinterest}

Favorite outfit:

{cheesy but cute shirt via Wedding Party}

Favorite interior:

{simple minimalism via Apartment Therapy}

Favorite beverage:

{bubbles! Via pinterest}

Favorite weekend activity:

{pool, drink, done. Via pinterest}

Favorite destination:

{you guessed it….we’re going to vegas for my bachelorette!!!}

I’m so excited!! I’ll try to blog about our trip but you know what they say….’what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’!!!!!!


One response to “friday favorites”

  1. Rih's makeup and hair is always on point! Have a good weekend!


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