san diego, days 3 and 4

On our third day in San Diego, we decided to take it easy and beach hop along the coast, leaving the camera in the car for fear of getting sand stuck in it. We lay on the sand, splashed in the waves, and ate some of the best Peruvian ceviches I’ve ever had in my life at Cafe Secret in Del Mar.
On our final day, we were much more productive. We set off to San Diego proper for a day of exploring the city…but not before waving goodbye to our sweet neighbors!
Once in SD, the sun came out to play!
We walked along the historic Gas-lamp District, marveling at the cool old buildings and popping into stores here and there.

We found Conrad’s favorite hat store, Goorin Bros, and drooled over the selection and the store istelf.

Trying to beat the heat, I convinced Conrad to take a gelato break! Is there anything better than lemon gelato on a hot day? No, no there is not.

We made our way to the harbor, which is completely different from the Gas-lamp District. It’s modern, fancy, and slick.

We found ourselves on a small peninsula where a vintage car show was wrapping up. Nick, I took these pictures mostly for you!
We met a lovely Indonesian family who asked us to take their photo, and kindly returned the gesture so we actually have some photos of BOTH of us from this trip!

We continued to stroll, utterly enthralled by the beauty of the ocean.

We made it to the SS Midway and wanted to look around it, but we only had a few hours left before our flight and a kind gentleman let us know the tour can take up to 9 hours!

Instead, we decided to take a short cruise around the bay!

Refreshments in tow, we drove past Coronado Island, under the bridge, and past many different types of aircraft carriers (again, Nick, these are for you!), our awesome guide explaining about the history of the bay and how it’s used today.

Oh hey cutie!

Once the cruise was over, we headed for the airport and made it back safely to Fort Collins a little more sunburned and a lot more refreshed and ready for the new semester.

Hope you enjoyed experiencing our trip! I want to go back!


P.S. As you can probably tell, I’m working on a new design so bear with me while I fix all the bugs!

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