What’s this?
An actual outfit post?? 
Well, don’t get too excited, we’re not talking about a ball gown here. 
A few weekends ago, Nick and I were driving around after some grocery shopping and he told me about this ‘ghost’ house on the outskirts of town. Not wanting to miss the light, we quickly made a detour. 
I hate to admit it, but most of the time, you’ll probably see me in some variation of this outfit. I guess I’ve been in the US too long, but at this point I am all about comfort>fashion…unless I’m in Vegas. That’s different.

On this particular day, I was wearing AE jeans, a Gina Tricot top, H&M shirt, and converse. Slouchy, cozy, comfy.

We kept looking around, worried that someone would bust us for trespassing, but no one was there beside us (and the ghosts).

Happy Hump-day!

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